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Welcome to a new way of thinking.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
— Albert Einstein

All humans have relationship issues. It comes with the territory. By the time we decide to get some help, most of us are ready for change. We seek professional help from those who have been trained to provide guidance in producing that change.

I have 16 years of therapeutic and coaching experience assisting hundreds of clients from every walk of life. Many tend to ask, "What's your specialty?" I answer: I specialize in the type of therapy/coaching I provide, not a particular demographic, disorder, or problem. Insight is not enough. What successfully produces change is the power of new thinking--an approach that gives us an understanding of the rules that govern all relationship systems.


  • Marriage & Family Therapy

  • Adolescent Counseling

  • Group Psychotherapy



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Degrees & Programs

DePaul University '84
Benedictine University '00
Center for Family Consultation '10


All systems, whether family, organizational, national, or global, can benefit from a basic understanding of systems thinking. As a faculty member of the Center for Family Consultation, I have made it my priority to share my expertise and educate audiences about the theory and practice that catalyzes lasting, positive change. Whether you're a parent seeking to repair a broken relationship or a leader looking to ease the chronic anxiety of his/her organization, the lessons remain clear, actionable, and transformational. 

Cecilia’s presentation was spot on. Everyone walked away with a better understanding of anxiety’s impact on organizational and family systems and ideas of how to begin the process of improvement and self-differentiation.
— Brian Graber, Principal at LaGrange Highlands Elementary School

Family of Origin Group

Duration: 1/mo./10 mos.

Size: 5-9 individuals

I bring together small groups of people who are interested in studying Bowen Family Systems Theory in-depth. Each 2-hour session consists of a discussion about the reading, covering BFST concepts, and a member-led presentation about her family genogram and the efforts she takes to apply the theory to her life.

Let's tackle change together.

Please call (630) 368–0121 between 8:00a and 5:00p Monday-Friday to schedule an appointment. You may also reach me at to schedule a speaking engagement or presentation.

Please note that the current average wait time for a standard appointment is 7 days.